I would highly recommend Robin Williams and Omni Document Examination. I recently used Robin in a 1st degree homicide case. His analysis and findings were instrumental in getting a co-defendant, who had originally implicated my client in the homicide, to admit on the witness stand that he authored a letter that exculpated my client. After a jury trail, my client was found not guilty of 1st degree homicide and three counts of attempted 1st degree homicide. Robin Williams and Omni Document Examination played an important role in this verdict."

Paul F. X. Schwartz, Madison, Wisconsin - Aug 1, 2013

Schwartz Law Office


We recently retained Robin Williams to review the signature on a release to determine if it had been signed by a claimant who contended that she had not signed the document.

Mr. Williams provided a very useful report. He was very sensitive to our very short timeframe and in our view his opinion was a positive factor in our mediation. If the opportunity arises we will use Mr. Williams again."

Philip C. Reid, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - June 28, 2013

von Briesen & Roper


Forensic document examiner Robin Williams provided pivotal expert witness testimony in a successful lawsuit I brought in State Court against a vendor who sold me fake Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney signed photographs. Mr. Williams employed scientific principles with his thorough analysis to detect these forgeries. Robin established such a high bar for the integrity of his opinion that the Court on its own motion found that by comparison, the vendor's well known forensic expert's opposing testimony was so lacking in authenticity, that it was totally disregarded.

As a Federal Administrative Law Judge, I have conducted thousands of forensic medicine hearings for the United States Government involving testimony from expert witnesses. This experience gave me a keen eye for those that give convincing opinions on scientific subjects and there are no better in this role than Robin Williams."

Judge Lovert Bassett, Evanston, Illinois - Feb 17, 2012

State of Illinois (Federal Administrative Law Judge)


Certified Document Examiner Robin D. Williams studied a journal and compared it to other samples of writing from Pippenger, Jones and the inmate who brought it to court. His conclusion was that Pippenger wrote the journal. The District Attorney sent the results to the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory. In July, Jones was released from prison as the appeal headed toward being finalized. Finally, on Oct. 21, on the state's motion, Werner vacated the conviction. Jones was cleared. Werner did not find that Murphy was ineffective at trial, as Ruby alleged in his appeal motion."

Jim Stingl, Milwaukee, WI - Nov 5, 2011

Milwaukee, WI Journal Sentinel (Columnist)

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